Seven Steps Of How Prayer Can Work For You: #LentJournal

Imagine that you are traveling in the desert for 40 days…
Your trip is far from over…

You have been traveling for almost two weeks and already you are feeling lonely, scared, worn out and tired, and probably both hungry and thirsty. You are questioning as to why you decided to take this journey. 

You are ready to take the easy way out to head home…
You just can’t do this...
It is too hard... made a commitment to yourself (and possibly to others) to see this through. Perhaps you have not followed through on other goals in the past. This is your opportunity to stay with it!

Know that the desert does not have to be a place of anguish. This journey is about releasing the old pains. As you stand in the desert night, let the breeze lift away your troubles and free you from the worldly struggles. Let this journey be a time of renewal!

Take this time to enjoy the new you while on this amazing trip...

While becoming this stronger, you allow these following seven steps of prayer to lead you to being the person God intended you to be: 

1) Have A Prayer Warrior In Your Travel Bag

 Reach into your travel bag and pick up your phone. If you are using this Lenten time to work on breaking through a certain addiction and you are struggling to hold on, having a person who will pray for you and pray with you in your most difficult moments is so very important. The wisdom that I receive from my Prayer Warrior always brings me back to that focused faithful place where I need to be. 

2) Take Your Time

Never rush through your prayers. Take time to talk to God and listen to what He has to say. When we are spending time with friends we are talking and listening. We are getting to know one another. Your relationship with God is created in the same way. Sometimes we may think that we do not have time to pray, but when we want God to help us we want it now. Set a time in your day such as early morning when everyone is still sleeping or at night before you go to bed Maybe even on your lunch break. It is important to pray everyday whether things are good in your life or when things are difficult. This is the time to open up your bible and read those verses and stories that give you the most comfort.

3) Be in the Moment

If you begin to worry about prayers that you think are not being answered, stop. If you are in a place of stress, then put yourself into this current, present moment. Focus on what you are doing right then as you start to worry. If you’re driving your car and you begin to worry about your job and your finances, bring your attention back to driving the car. See that your hands are positioned correctly on the steering wheel. Come back to being present in the moment. This will teach you to control your worry. If you have already prayed and asked God for assistance, worrying will only hinder you. Let it go. Pray, and then bring yourself back to the moment of what you are doing. When people know how powerful God really is, they don’t worry and wonder what direction their life is going in.

4) “Jesus I love You!”; “Jesus help me!”; “Jesus guide me!”; “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!”

The simplest of prayers can help you to get focused. You don’t need to say very much. God knows you are hurting. God knows you are struggling. So sit there in your car while driving to work or in your bed as you fall asleep. “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!...” It is amazing how the arms of God will just wrap around me as begin to feel ever so light and peaceful and whatever I was concerned about no longer even matters. What matters is always putting the Lord above all as He guides me to do the work He needs to me to do. 

5) Ask and You Shall Receive

Matthew 7:7-8: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; and the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”

God encourages us to ask. We need to trust that He hears us. Pray. Ask for what you desire. God will give you what you need, but perhaps not what you want. Be open to all of the possibilities in front of you. You can pray for a certain type of person in your life, but be open to other possibilities. You can pray for a specific type of job, but be open if God leads you in a different direction. 

6) Faith and Belief

Faith comes from deep within. People often say they have to see the proof that something exists before they believe it is possible, whether that is belief in God or something else. Faith doesn't work that way. You have to believe it before you can see it. The miracle may be right in front of you, but if you don’t believe in miracles you won’t see them. Faith is a process of absolutely knowing something exists without questioning it. Faith in God feels the same way. Have faith that God is leading you and providing for you in this desert journey.

7) Gratitude and Your Faith

Being grateful or thankful means that you are appreciative of what you have in this moment in time. When you are in a place of appreciation, you are faithful and content with where you are in life. When you are truly grateful you are happy. You are not complaining about what you do not have. You have enough and are satisfied with where you are in life.

Heres What I'm Doing For Lent: #LentJournal

Let's talk Lent! 

What does it mean to you? How will you sacrifice this year? Here is what I am doing and why…

I was reading an article recently that was talking about Lent and the analogy of living in the desert for 40 days. It inspired me to decide to take a hypothetical journey into the desert for 40 days! Join me! 

Here is how: 
Through the next 40 days, I will be giving more time to prayer and focusing on what is important in life, and letting go of the worldly thoughts and behaviors that I believe are holding me back…what holds you back? 

Lent is a time for us to focus on Jesus Christ and what His purpose in our life is. You may want to give something up, but do not feel guilty if you make a mistake along the way. This is about your time with the Lord. You may even want to spend more time doing something to help others. 

Lent is a good time to hit the refresh button in your life and focus on what is most important to you outside of the material world! 

Here are the five questions I am asking myself that I believe will help me along this journey. Will you join me on this 40 day journey as we together discover our true purpose on this earth? Come on! :)

1) What I will take with me to the desert
a. Water
b. Food that sustains me
c. Bible
d. Journal
e. Daily Devotional Book and other books to study
f. Games and art projects
2) What I will leave behind
a. Salty food and sweets that makes me thirsty
b. Anger, impatience and frustration
c. Television
3) What activities will I do for 40 days
a. Read my bible everyday
b. Play games and do art projects with my daughter
c. Read and study various books that I have been meaning to get to
d. Drink plenty of water
4) What will I do to make sure I endure and stay in the desert for 40 days
a. Find a accountability partner
b. Putting this out there to my readers will keep me focused
5) What am I hoping will result from my 40 day journey.
a. To come out of the “desert”: 
With a calmer perspective on life.
To use food less as an emotional support.
To carry any new healthy habits forward and not just stop at the 40 days.
Purposely making the time to focus on the Lord and what is most important and let go of the worldly desires.

Let's start this adventure together! 
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