Heres What I'm Doing For Lent: #LentJournal

Let's talk Lent! 

What does it mean to you? How will you sacrifice this year? Here is what I am doing and why…

I was reading an article recently that was talking about Lent and the analogy of living in the desert for 40 days. It inspired me to decide to take a hypothetical journey into the desert for 40 days! Join me! 

Here is how: 
Through the next 40 days, I will be giving more time to prayer and focusing on what is important in life, and letting go of the worldly thoughts and behaviors that I believe are holding me back…what holds you back? 

Lent is a time for us to focus on Jesus Christ and what His purpose in our life is. You may want to give something up, but do not feel guilty if you make a mistake along the way. This is about your time with the Lord. You may even want to spend more time doing something to help others. 

Lent is a good time to hit the refresh button in your life and focus on what is most important to you outside of the material world! 

Here are the five questions I am asking myself that I believe will help me along this journey. Will you join me on this 40 day journey as we together discover our true purpose on this earth? Come on! :)

1) What I will take with me to the desert
a. Water
b. Food that sustains me
c. Bible
d. Journal
e. Daily Devotional Book and other books to study
f. Games and art projects
2) What I will leave behind
a. Salty food and sweets that makes me thirsty
b. Anger, impatience and frustration
c. Television
3) What activities will I do for 40 days
a. Read my bible everyday
b. Play games and do art projects with my daughter
c. Read and study various books that I have been meaning to get to
d. Drink plenty of water
4) What will I do to make sure I endure and stay in the desert for 40 days
a. Find a accountability partner
b. Putting this out there to my readers will keep me focused
5) What am I hoping will result from my 40 day journey.
a. To come out of the “desert”: 
With a calmer perspective on life.
To use food less as an emotional support.
To carry any new healthy habits forward and not just stop at the 40 days.
Purposely making the time to focus on the Lord and what is most important and let go of the worldly desires.

Let's start this adventure together! 
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