I was at the Temecula Women's Expo and heard at talk by Laura Wilcox about her book Faith and the Second Hand. As someone going through underemployment issues, it was timely, and inspiring to hear Laura speak! She spoke of the importance of writing each day about the blessings that were experienced and your goals for the next day. I loved her practical and concrete suggestions. I bought the book and look forward to learning more ways to recognize the positives in my life as I go through hard times.

Julie R., Temecula
Laura, thank you! It was so interesting to attend your Prosperity and Abundance
Class and I'm already practicing my new skills and attitudes that you taught us. You
did a wonderful job!

Paula S., Anaheim, CA


Thank you, Laura. It is great to come together and share and affirm our businesses
and develop a strong focus on expansion for serving in this world. Thank you for
what teaching us about Prosperity and Abundance.

Nancy G., Anaheim, CA

I took Laura's Abundance Workshop. She reviewed many theories of abundance and
reinforced principles of prosperity. We developed a meaningful journal to continue
and work with at home. It was very inspirational and lead me directly to a new
direction towards work that is both rewarding and fulfills a of service. Her process
helped me create a project which allows me to merge and develop areas of work to
support my passions and purpose while creating prosperity. The very best part is
how it came from me using her tools.

I have also used hypnosis using CDs. Laura developed 4 CD to assist me with
changing habits. I wanted more exercise and to make time in the mornings for this.
Laura prompted me to rise early and run and do yoga. As long as I use this CD before
falling asleep, it works! I found the key for using hypnosis successfully when
working with Laura is to listen daily with the area(s) you want to change. It begins
to happen naturally. It is very effective.

Thank you Laura.
Suzanne M., Pasadena, CA


I attended Laura's abundance class. I found it very simple and tangible to do. Other
programs I have listened to seemed to be holding back some information. Within
just one month of taking her class, I received a new client and it was the biggest job I
had had in a year. I definitely “created a Mindset for Success.
I have also done personal sessions with Laura and found her to be very insightful,
caring and the hypnosis helped me to develop some new habits that changed my

Jeanette, Monrovia, CA


Laura Wilcox’s Prosperity Coarse promotes the optimism that one needs in life. You
feel more fortunate when you leave than when you came in.

Helga W., Pasadena, CA


I met Laura Wilcox several years ago and decided to use her hypnosis coaching to
help me in my business. I did not have a fear of making phone calls for my business
but I did find that I was great at procrastination. Laura helped me to ingrain in my
brain that my phone calls are important, the lifeblood of my business, and a job that
I NEED to do. Today, my hesitation to pick up the phone has vanished and my
calendar is full with business appointments. I have also attended Laura's Wealth
and Prosperity Workshop. This workshop helped to improve my outlook for my
financial future. Rather than dwelling on the negative economic news I have learned
how to tap into the dreams and goals I have. I am continually learning how to focus
on my vision, always taking one step at a time to move forward. This class is a must
for those who also need help in redirecting their focus!

Candi D., Pasadena, CA


Dear Laura,
I thought you did a fantastic workshop today! Thank you. I have a lot of unblocking
to do from a lot of “junk that has been piling up” the last 4 years or so. A lot of the
issues are health related including my own. My doctor told me yesterday that my
blood pressure is seriously high and that I have to start taking care of me now. I
also might have thyroid problems as well. So, all of the material you provided today
will help me to work on things that are definitely affecting my health.

I want to share with you an amazing “coincidence” that happened after I left your
workshop. I felt the urgency to leave the meeting and get back to the office to take
care of pending business. Brenda, my business partner returned with her clients
after having shown properties in Temecula. She received a text from one of the
listing agents whose property she showed. While I was chatting with her clients,
she said that Dick Rainey texted her back. My ears perked up and I said – Dick
Rainey! I said I know a Dick Rainey – he married a friend of mine (from a long time
ago) Cathy Rainey. Brenda said “well – that is his wife – they are a husband and
wife realtor team.” As it turns out, they are a couple of friends that I lost touch with
years ago. I worked for Cathy and her mom in Torrance back in the 80’s. And way
back then, I encouraged Cathy to go on a girls night out to a Country and Western
Bar when she was feeling down. That night she met her husband Dick. So, I called
Cathy and introduced myself as a voice from the past. Of course she remembered
me and we had an absolutely wonderful conversation. We reminisced about so
many things and all the people that have come and gone in our lives.
I can’t tell you how energized I feel with this reconnection. I don’t know what it all
means but I don’t think it’s coincidence that this happened. Cathy and I discussed
planning a reunion with all the gals that used to work for her and her mom. What a

Doris H., Orange, CA

At the end of Laura’s Prosperity workshop, I realized how much I had been
procrastinating in achieving my career goals. I have not been on the path I wanted
to be on.
This class provides tools for shifting ones focus to create more abundance. I became
aware of where I was focusing on the negative in my life instead of the positive. The
journaling activities in this class help to give guidance towards the abundance I
want and I learned to view things differently.

Angela P, Burbank, CA